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Window Washing Wealth
Individual Business Modules

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  • Module 1: Business Fundamentals/Administration
  • Module 2: Commercial Marketing
  • Module 3: Residential Marketing
  • Module 4: Million Dollar Document File
If you're serious about taking your company to new heights ... you NEED one or more of my Window Washing Wealth Business In a Box Modules explained below...
Accelerate Your Knowledge, Increase Your Profits, Get Off the Glass, and Start Putting Your Business on Auto-Pilot

If you don't feel you need my Complete Business In a Box Program or Licensing System, no worries. Here, I've just released 4 Individual Modules, each broken down into finite detail to help you conquer any specific challenge or struggle you may be having in your business.

SAVE up to $300 for a limited time with this introductory offer below.

Keep reading and follow someone who has "done it" twice starting in the trenches with just one customer. I don't just talk about it. I've actually done it and still do it today. 
  • Commercial Storefronts: I started with one regularly serviced account and now we are quickly approaching 4,000 storefronts, adding $30,000/m revenue in the last 24 months alone.
  • Residential Homes, Townhomes, and Condos: Servicing 4,000 + house jobs annually growing 25% year over year dominating the Charlotte, NC market.

My goal, my passion is to create opportunities for anyone to be able to participate in what we offer to help them reach their business goals leading to success stories all over the country.
Franchises are expensive. $39 manuals offer little value or worth. And most consultants try to be all things to all businesses. So, as a serial window cleaning entrepreneur, I felt there was a void that I could fill to help window cleaning entrepreneurs not only reach their goals, but do it faster.
This is where my Window Washing Wealth INDIVIDUAL MODULES comes in. I promise you everything is covered. There is nothing even close that compares on the market that offers window cleaning business only specifics for business fundamentals, administration, effective marketing strategies, or almost 100 forms, documents, contracts, etc. including a breakdown of our company systems.

Knowledge really is power and it can lead you to wealth.

Read through each module description below to help you decide which module(s) may be just right for you... 

The Window Washing Wealth
Individual Modules:

1. Business Fundamentals/Administration: $399  $299 plus $12.99 S&H

Inside is 300 pages of nothing but window cleaning business fundamentals to structure and organize your business for systems set-up and growth. This is an integral part of putting your company on auto-pilot and it comes highly recommended. Includes 6 DVD's. 

  • Self-preparation and mindset
  • Proper operations set-up.
  • Pay: hourly, salary, or performance pay. What is best?
  • The right bank accounts and how to use them efficiently.
  • Owner's pay. Know the in's and out's to maximize pay and minimize taxes.
  • Understanding insurance. Not as simple as you think.
  • Profit sharing and how we implement it for aggressive division growth (worth price of manual alone).
  • Branding/professional image.
  • Phone/VM etiquette. Have you listened to your voice mail lately?
  • Software we use.
  • Employees Retention Secrets. Limit turnover once and for all (also worth price of manual).
  • The markets to penetrate.
  • What about residential and commercial competition?
  • Window cleaning and pressure washing skill sets.
  • Everything about pricing.
  • Hire hard, manage easy, firing fast. How we do it.
  • ...and so much more.
2. Commercial Storefront Marketing: $399  $299 plus $12.99 S&H
More than 200 pages and 4 marketing audios of my step-by-step strategies and detailed how-to's of precisely how I built my commercial storefront division to be in the top 3 in the country. Almost 4,000 on-going accounts strong and heading to 5,000 adding $20,000/m revenue in just the last 24 months alone. Nothing is held back. If you are struggling to get a strong-hold in your market with commercial storefronts, this is a must read. Includes:
  • Dominating google.
  • The lead conversion business card.
  • Acquisition how-to's. I've purchased 13 small to medium size businesses catapulting my company (worth price of manual alone).
  • Business to business sales: do's, don'ts, how-to, follow up, and why, including how to pay a salesperson (also worth price of manual).
  • B2B back-end marketing. My little secret on auto-pilot. No one does this!
  • How to price for accurate technician pay and profit balance.
  • And 7 more techniques and strategies explained in detail to build a huge commercial storefront division on auto-pilot.
  • ...and so much more.
3. Residential Marketing: $499  $399 plus $12.99 S&H
Most window cleaning owners use referrals and flyers and have a non-performing website to build their business. Yikes! You must have a marketing arsenal at your disposal for continued double digit growth year after year. Inside, I explain every how-to, every technique, every strategy and secret I know right down to the words I use to build my residential division into an auto-pilot empire servicing 3,000 homes annually and growing 25% year to year. More than 330 pages, and 6 marketing audios including but not limited to:
  • Your outside perception/brand/image and why it is hugely important.
  • Google domination and how to be the obvious one to call.
  • The one way to correctly utilize voice mail that creates sales (call Squeegee Pros voice mail and hear the difference). How does yours really sound?
  • Angie's List Six-Figure How To's: We are #1 in the country in "A" Ratings (1,000+). There's a reason why.
  • The how to's, frequency, and templates we use to generate six-figure revenues with our unique FREE email blasts (worth price of manual alone).
  • Here's how we get consistent and positive ROI's with EDDM marketing.
  • The Home Advisor Struggle. Here's what we do that's different and profitable.
  • Automatic referral generation. One click does it all.
  • How to use the written word for brochures, websites, direct mail, postcards., etc. The headline, the body, the call to action.
  • And 20 more 'plates' to add to your marketing arsenal for a non-stop flow of business (also worth price of manual).
  • And so much more...
4. Million $ Document File: Resources & Systems: $449  $349 plus $12.99 S&H
Every wildly successful company uses enforced systems. The use of systems makes a good company great. Successful companies have job specific operation manuals, contracts, templates, agreements, reports, and important documents and spreadsheets to make the systems work. That is what my Million Dollar Document file is. Every Secret (on paper) we use today to create the systems of my residential and commercial window cleaning empire. More than 80 comprised of 400 plus pages and 1 audio. Here's a sampling:
  • Acquisition/Buyout letters and contracts (worth price of manual alone).
  • Contractor Hiring packet.
  • Automatic credit card payment letter (we zap over 100 cards per month)
  • Damage walk-through release waiver.
  • The commercial storefront raise letter. Every time we put it in motion we add another six-figures in annual revenue.
  • Commercial salesperson daily report.
  • Job specific employment contracts.
  • Commercial sales contract including pay and commission structure (worth price of manual alone).
  • Hiring ad posts, interview question forms.
  • Non-competition covenants.
  • Residential Marketing ROI spreadsheet.
  • Worker's Comp Claim Reporting form.
  • Job specific operations manuals (also worth price of manual).
  • ...and so much more
Each Module: Delivered by U.S. mail.

...And we don't leave you in the dark. We offer unlimited consultations to be right by your side when needed to make sure you STAY on the path to success:
  • One Hour Phone Call is $150.00
  • Half-Hour Phone Call is only $75.00
  • Email/Text Consult (package of 3) is $35.00
Join us 1% 'ers who enjoy a lifestyle of the "rich and not so famous" with 
America's #1 Window Washing Business Building Course.
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Choose the modules you need and get started on the path to window cleaning success. (Checks or money orders can be mailed to: Squeegee Pros, Inc., 1219 River Hwy, Mooresville, NC 28117)

*Save $350! Purchase The Complete Business In a Box Program which includes all four modules, just click here. Any purchase on this page qualifies as a credit to the Window Washing Wealth Licensing Program... go here for licensing details. Or call my office at (704) 799-0313 for details.
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